Sally Voris

Girl Power

Early this summer, I drove to the local church, hoping to find a teen-aged boy to mow my lawns. Three people were weeding the church garden. I approached a solid middle-aged woman who had a warm, open face. “I'll do it!” she said immediately. Raised in the country, she knows how to run farm machinery, how to care for animals and . . .

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September 02, 2018

August Reflection

If we knew that our food was 

Captured sunlight

That the air we breathe 

Dances with life

That rain drops 

soften and moisten us.

The we too could become

Beings of light

Shimmering in a world

Darkened by the illusion of separation. 

May it be so.......


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August 16, 2018

Culture and Commerce

I stumbled into the intersection of culture and commerce last week. A late-model shiny black Mercedes SUV came slowly down my farm lane just after the farm opened on Sunday evening. A fifty-something man drove; a younger man sat next to him. In the back seat, her face barely visible underneath a head scarf, a woman sat next to a small baby.

. . .

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August 07, 2018


Sometimes as the soft glow of sunrise

lightly touches a waking world,

I go to my garden, hoe in hand,

To deftly slice the roots of weeds

My soul drinks in

air fresh with the morning,

daybreak's exuberant bird song,

and the pastel colors that wash the sky.

I feel the expectancy of the sun,

calling . . .

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July 22, 2018


Gamble or gambol?

I did not see the raccoon when I lifted the stainless steel tub to fill it with fresh water. I did notice how easily the stainless steel tub held water compared to flexible heavy rubber tub we had been using. Another small detail to make the daily chores easier, I said to myself.

When I placed the tub with fresh water on the floor, a . . .

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July 22, 2018

The Baltimore Project, 2018

Focusing on land, the atmosphere and the flow between them.


The Baltimore Project, 2018

A close friend is leading efforts to reduce violence in Baltimore, Maryland, the city that my heart holds dear. To reduce violence, many focus their efforts on people. What if we shift our focus from people to the land beneath our feet, to the atmosphere that encircles the city, and to the breath . . .

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January 19, 2018

Let There Be Light!

A Winter Solstice Reflection

When our outer world is darkest, we can see more clearly the light that moves subtly in, around and through us. As a gardener, I am becoming aware of different streams that nourish the seeds of light held deep in our hearts.

In a gathering at Christmas in 1923, philosopher Rudolf Steiner shared the Foundation Stone Meditation, a . . .

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December 25, 2017